Dora & Sam`s magical villa wedding


We wanted to do this blog for months now and finally found time to reflect on our 2019 wedding season, whish was packed with some fun stuff.

We started our journey about a year before the wedding and we clicked so well from the start! Dora and Sam are just that kind of people that made the planning process for me easy and stress free, hope I did the same for them and the feeling is mutual. It did end up with me receiving a beautiful surprise gift delivered to our office weeks after the wedding, so that must be a good sign.

Choosing Villa Shererezade as a wedding location for their wedding in Dubrovnik was easy, as they new what they wanted and the Villa clicked all the boxes. The story goes that the villa was built by a Lithuanian entrepreneur for his mistress, who he called Sheherezade. Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor once stayed here while shooting a movie in Dubrovnik. If it was good for them…

After confirming a venue, it was only the details as flowers, decoration and most importantly for them and their guests a flow of different drinks through the different parts of the day which we had plenty of! Starting from the drinks reception before the ceremony as a welcome drink for their friends and family, followed by a great choice of drinks and canapes, with the highlight on signature Dora and Sam cocktails prepared just for them.

The highlight of the drinks reception time was definitely a luxury, James Bond style speed boat that was on the disposal for everyone to do a short ride around the Old town of Dubrovnik, which that was a blast! So many people wanted to have a ride and they did have a change as we had it on disposal for over 2 hours.

We were seated for dinner at Villa Sheherezade at 7pm and their speeches were followed by amazing 4 course menu prepared at the villa. The first dance was the opening of the dancing time and party accompanied by a great sax player playing along the DJ.

Their sunny wedding in Dubrovnik was so much fun for everyone, them and their friends, and they said numerous times they would love to do it all over again! Maybe a vow renewal in a few years.


Sean Young

18.04.2023. 14:08

Hey there, Do you have more information on the wedding type like cost and guest numbers etc.  Thank you, Sean 


Hi Sean,


thank you for contacting us. Can you please send your email with the following details:

how many people you plan to have

do you have a budget in mind

when do you plan to marry 2023 or 2024?

our email is


thank you!


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