Persian wedding in Dubrovnik


It was in 2017 when we have been first contacted by two amazing people, Pedram and Haleh, a very relaxed and fun couple from US who both have their roots in Iran so it was clear from the start, we are going to have a Persian wedding in Dubrovnik, again!

It is always a great challenge when our couples come from far countries without knowing too much about wedding in Croatia or Dubrovnik and this time we had almost 140 people who we have been eagerly waiting to come and fall in love in Dubrovnik!

Pedram and Haleh knew from the start they want to have a 3-day event which needs to blow everybody away, after all, none of their guests have been in Dubrovnik before and they wanted to show their respect by giving them all the best experiences there are!

Sometime early in 2018 we started our planning journey for their Dubrovnik wedding; first step was to find the perfect venue for the welcome dinner, the decision immediately fell to Vala Beach Club, a perfect setting on the rocks, right by the sea with stunning views to the cliffs which offers one of the best sunsets in Dubrovnik…

We definitely didn’t want this evening to overshadow what is coming next, the actual wedding day, so we have kept it low profile when it came to decoration, but still we wanted to have something fun which fits the Vala atmosphere; and that’s where we knew it, big colorful helium balloons over the pool which are playful and make an impact, and we weren’t wrong; Vala beach club looked amazing, the band was there, the buffet with delicious food and great variety of Croatian wines, everybody was just ecstatic by everything, we knew we have nailed the first day; you know what they say; you only get one chance to make the first impression… And now the bar was set high….


Wedding day was here, all the suppliers, Dubrovnik Luxury Weddings coordinators were starting their day off pretty early as the ceremony and dinner reception took place at one of the most famous historical symbols of Dubrovnik, to many of you also known as Kind’s landing, Lovrjenac Fort- probably the most demanding venue when it comes to handling and organizing an event in Dubrovnik…

The ceremony was Persian, and since it was not our first, we already knew the rules and symbolisms, the table looked astonishing with all the flowers, spices, a big mirror along with all the other items which needed to be there…

After this spectacular and touching ceremony in the atrium, everybody went upstairs for drinks to enjoy a perfect view to the Old Town of Dubrovnik and the Island of Lokrum… We were happy as we could tell, everybody was just having a blast!

It was time to climb one floor up to get to one of most breathtaking terraces in whole Dubrovnik, where dinner reception took place…

I could go on and on about the flowers whose strong colors could not have complemented the stone any better, wooden tables and chairs and the professional lighting but I believe the saying ‘a picture is worth a 1000 words definitely does the justice here.

We all went to bed exhausted but proud which is the best feeling and the best reward you can have when being in this business, but it was not over, we had one more day to make the whole event a full success….

And Dubrovnik Luxury Weddings did it! Day 3 was everything Pedram and Haleh have hoped for, relaxing, fun and gave everybody a new perspective of Dubrovnik…

Later in the morning we all met at the Old Port of Dubrovnik where a replica of an old Dubrovnik republic ship ‘Tirena’ waited for us to get onboard; beer, wine, juices, coffee, snacks and great Persian music played from the sound system, it was all there and we started sailing, our stop was Villa Rose Restaurant at the Island of Kalamota, located only 30min boat ride from Dubrovnik, a peaceful place all to ourselves was just the type of the venue everybody needed to re charge their batteries…. After a buffet lunch everybody got to do what they enjoyed the most; swimming, exploring the island or simply chilling at the lounge.

We came back to the Old Town of Dubrovnik early in the afternoon, and guests went back home richer for some extraordinary memories this wedding in Dubrovnik enabled them….

Wedding planner: Dubrovnik Luxury Weddings


Florist: Patrea Dubrovnik

Wedding ceremony and dinner: Lovrijenac fort
Pre wedding dinner: Vala beach club, Dubrovnik Palace hotel 

After wedding cruise: Tirena boat


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