About Dubrovnik luxury weddings

The company was brought to life by wedding planners Paula and Kristina previously working in different branches of hospitality industry. Having recognized Dubrovnik as popular wedding destination, they decided to gather their previously acquired knowledge and contacts and invest them into a successful and recognized wedding planning agency. The aim was to be couples’ extended arm throughout the world, help them plan their dream wedding in Dubrovnik, and have fun while doing it!

What we do

We believe the details make the difference. Dubrovnik Luxury Weddings proudly provides complete and personal service and gives you fresh and new ideas on a selection of a wedding theme that will be creative, memorable and above all, a reflection of your personalities. It is our desire to make your wedding day wishes come true!

How did we get so good at being wedding planners in Dubrovnik?

5 years of experience, passion for perfection and assistance of the entire network of excellent providers. Since we were all born and raised in Dubrovnik, our extensive local knowledge and contacts will help you organize stunning Dubrovnik Wedding or a special event within a realistic budget.

Meet the team

Kristina Kriste, a wedding planner who has successfully organized more than 150 weddings over the past eight years. Born and raised in Dubrovnik, close links with all local suppliers.
Fluent in Croatian and English, very good knowledge of French and German.

“I am here to make your life easier and to plan everything to a minor detail. My role on the wedding day is not just to guarantee for all the suppliers and a smooth organization, but also to help the wedding couple and their families feel comfortable and relaxed.”

Paula Janovic, experienced wedding planner with more than 100 weddings in Dubrovnik. Her rich experience makes her the right person to be there for you on your big day and moreover to help you book all suppliers and make your wedding day as smooth and fun as possible! Her dedication to details is in fact always visible in all her work. Fluent in Croatian and English, very good knowledge of German and French.

“This job is so different from all my previous jobs. It is filled with positive emotions and I love the wedding day thrill!”

Maja Pavlovski Delic, Maja is experienced in wedding planning with over 60 weddings planned so far. Maja’s degree in Management brings extra quality to her work and dedication to details. Fluent in Croatian, English and Macedonian, very good knowledge of Italian and French.

 “The reason I love this job is because it is all about making people happy!”

Ana Radojevic, having a Management degree and having planned over 60 weddings so far, Ana will be with you every step of the way making sure that your vision of the perfect wedding day becomes true!. Fluent in English, Italian and Croatian Ana also has knowledge of Macedonian.

 “I absolutely love this job, the action, the emotions, seeing a satisfied couple at the end of the day is simply priceless.”

Martina Raguz will help you create and envision your perfect day. With her eye for design and detail and with her experience in organizing events, she is sure to make your special day gorgeous and care-free. Born and raised in Canada, Martina has been living in Dubrovnik for the past 9 years which is why she provides a great mix of North American and European style to all aspects of her work. Native speaker of the English language and fluent in Croatian.

"My job incorporates everything I love; organization, design and meeting people. Being a part of creating memories that will last a lifetime is truly rewarding."

Nikolina Šimunovic, the newest addition to our ever growing team. Nikolina will be there for you on the day making sure that every little detail is where it should be, pre-checking and coordinating all the “background” activities that you don’t even know that exist. Fluent in English.

˝I really enjoy being a part of the wedding planning team! It is a very dynamic job filled with so many emotions.

Tomislav Kriste, Dubrovnik wedding photographer who will capture the most important moments of your wedding day. Tomi is one of the top 5 photographers in the region who will make sure you have lifelong memories. His trained eye and a good camera are insurance for your extraordinary wedding album.


Company info

Arx Ltd
Đure Basaričeka 11
VAT ID: HR75057046326
MBS: 090025497
Registered at Commercial Court in Dubrovnik, Du/Tt-8/809-4
Fund capital: 274.900,00HRK, paid in full
Member of the board: Paula Janović i Kristina Kriste

Office: Andrije Hebranga 16, Dubrovnik, Croatia
Mon-Fri : 9-17
Sat: 9-14