About Dubrovnik

Looking for your dream wedding destination?

Options for your wedding destination in Dubrovnik and its stunning Riviera are endless, ranging from intimate wedding ceremonies on private terraces by the sea, including old Renaissance palaces, natural reserve islands and beach weddings to many historical churches.

Dubrovnik destination

Dubrovnik Luxury Weddings Top 10 reasons to get married in Dubrovnik

• the most fashionable hotspot for European weddings and weddings abroad
• UNESCO world cultural heritage - picturesque scenery at every step of the city
• Amazing seaside wedding ceremony locations for the most exclusive wedding
• Breathtaking views of crystal clear sea and surrounding islands combined with history
• Famous Croatian hospitality
• Mediterranean cuisine and extraordinary wines
• the sunniest Mediterranean wedding destination
• Croatian weddings are great value for money
• no legal opsticalse for wedding ceremonies outside of the city hall
• Weddings in Dubrovnik will stun your wedding party and will be the talk of the year!>

Weddings in Dubrovnik from the perspective of our famous poet Luko Paljetak:

…because you love to be in the company of someone you love…

You have chosen the right place - there where the heart is. If your love is intense, in Dubrovnik it will intensify even more. If your love is fading, God forbid, here it will find new refreshing energy. You will discover that under the mild ashes of love there is a boiling heart, not a boiling potato. You only need to surrender and take a stroll around Dubrovnik.

There are enough stars above Dubrovnik for each of your desires, enough moonlight for all your dreams. The most tender parts of your vocabulary will trigger off in Dubrovnik. You will realize that loving whispers at Porporela sound differently than anywhere else in the world. You will learn what real passion is. Dubrovnik is the place for happy lovers, and you are the proof.”