Boho in Dubrovnik


When thinking of wedding in Dubrovnik, one visualizes something elegant and sleek. White to compliment the stone, and green to match the pines and orange trees. But boho in Dubrovnik, oh yes…..

Boho, bohemian style, trough history is connected with people who usually live in quite unconventional manner, poets and painters living their artistic lives. So, as a matter of fact, there is no better place for a boho wedding than Dubrovnik. A city with a heart of art, where bohemian way of life spills over the artistic cup and spreads its eclectic tentacles amongst us all.

When I met Jane and Carl on their first inspection trip to Dubrovnik, I instantly knew this will be something special. Jane had clear idea of what she wanted, and I embraced her uniqueness that led the way to one spectacular, eclectic, bohemian marvel for their Dubrovnik wedding.

Persian carpets and pampas grass! Balloons and neon signs! May the photos speak for themselves!

Thank you J&C for showing to us all that different can, indeed, be better!



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