A mix of cultures in Dubrovnik, Sandy and Rob’s 4 day wedding


Enquiry for this wedding in Dubrovnik came rather late in the year. We were about to slowly close the booking for 2019 season and start more in depth planning of the weddings ahead. So when we received this request for a 4 day wedding event in Dubrovnik, we were pretty much sure that we will not be able to find availabilities with the venues. But when something is destined….

Sandy and Rob were quite open minded and welcomed our suggestions, while still being determined in the style of the wedding they were after. We made their dreams come true by throwing most fun, most energized, most spectacular 4 day event of the season.

It all started with a classy welcome drinks and finger food reception on the Palm terrace of the Excelsior hotel. When you are after the views, good food and chilled atmosphere this is the place to be. Perfect introduction for what is to come….

Day two of the wedding events was reserved for a day out in the open sea, with some swimming, and of course a lot of dancing. Tirena boat, replica of the trading ship built in Dubrovnik shipyard in the middle ages, was just perfect for the occasion. Great sound system, friend who decides to be DJ for the day and does the job exceptionally well, open bar, and what else do you need to make it a day to remember….

After good rest it was finally time to tie the knot. Sandy wanted day to be relaxed for her and Rob, with no stressing and fussing, and we nailed it.

There was one thing Sandy really wanted from the day 1 of planning, and those were Lebanese drummers. Being originally Lebanese she wanted to tie in some of the traditional elements into the wedding. Conspirators we are, in collaboration with her dad and Rob, and all behind Sandy’s back, we managed to make it happen. After the ceremony, and group and family photos in Sponza palace, Sandy thought that she is going on a romantic photo shoot with her now husband, but when the doors of the palace opened….

….there they were, Lebanese drummers brought in straight from Beirut. This really made a day for Sandy, and was major attraction in Dubrovnik for the day.
With the sound of Lebanese drummers guests were escorted to the busses that took them to the Dubrovnik Palace hotel where dinner reception was held.

Vala beach club is a unique venue. Nestled among the rocks, on the very sea level, very little is needed to make it truly spectacular Dubrovnik wedding dinner venue. Sandy posed another challenge for us here. Sandy wanted “Christmas in July” and with abundance of fairly lights, candles, and tea lights, and we, with huge support of our decorator team PatRea, managed to go beyond the expected.

With the sounds of Frank Sinatra in the background, and few traditional Lebanese dances party went till the early hours. Although this was the end of one evening, it definitely did not mark the end of this wedding.

Sandy and Rob wanted to see all of their guests one more time, and in relaxed atmosphere thank everyone once more for making their way from all over the world, to be beside them for this special occasion. So they threw another party…beach party.

Copacabana beach was the crime scene. Sea, sand, cocktails and pizzas…what a better way to fight hangover, to reminiscence on the past three days and to say farewell to Dubrovnik!


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