Planning a wedding abroad? - Have a look at few tips for your perfect wedding in Dubrovnik :-)


Well guys, this is for all of you who recently got engaged and started planning their wedding abroad! As you know so many couples decide more often to have their weddings in various world destinations and Croatia, Dubrovnik and its Riviera is definitely one of the most interesting one!

Some of you have visited Dubrovnik area before, and some of you haven't, but we are sure that you all know how beautiful and interesting the Adriatic coast is and how tempting it is to have your wedding here in the summer time! :-) Well, here are the a few tips for your wedding in Dubrovnik...

Wedding planner
After choosing the wedding destination, for your wedding in Croatia, our advice is to engage a wedding planner. There are various agencies and it's perfectly ok to „window shop“ and have all the options before choosing the wedding planner who is meeting your expectations and gives you confidence that your wedding day will be absolutely perfect!

Wedding ceremony

The first thing that you need to decide about is what kind of ceremony you prefer having for your Big day and approximately how many guests you plan on inviting. Your wedding planner will advise you about different options concerning wedding packages and locations. There are various options for church weddings, civil weddings and symbolic ones and depending on the number of guests the wedding planner will suggest locations which would be the most suitable for your wedding in Dubrovnik.

Location and venues
We know that after sending the initial query, you receive loads of information an photos about different venues and options for the wedding ceremony and reception in Cavtat or Dubrovnik area (all looking stunning) and it's not easy to decide, but your wedding planner will be by your side answering all the questions that might interest you and provide suggestions according to your wishes and ideas.
Some couples visit Dubrovnik before choosing the venue, and this is a great option to come and check out all the options, but in case you can't do so, don't stress out. Majority of couples have never been to Dubrovnik at all until a few days before their Big day, and they were all pleased with the locations they have chosen, so don't worry! :-)

When is the best time to get married in Dubrovnik?
If we had a nickel every time we heard the question... well we would still be wedding planners as we simply love it!
Well, this really depends on you and your guests and the time of the year when you can get the vacations and days off to come to Dubrovnik. Also, by checking out the flight options and connections, you will also have clearer picture of the most convenient time.
Weather wise, July and August are the warmest months of the year while May, June and September are nice and warm, and a bit fresher in the evenings. Concerning rain, none of can guarantee no clouds and no rain, and there is a backup option for the locations and venues, but we all wish to have the perfect sunny day for the wedding day!!! :-)

Although it seems unreal, it really does, in case you started planning your wedding in Dubrovnik now and you would like to have the wedding this year, book your dream venue and the Wedding day date as soon as possible, and if you are planning it for the next year, it would be the best to book in the next few months!!! :-)

Church and civil paperwork
Each wedding planner is familiar with the church and civil procedures and will advise you regarding all the procedures that need to be done. Always go through all the details and instructions carefully and ask all the questions you might have.

The real wedding planning :-)
After booking the venues and after having a date, the wedding planning process can begin. :-) Your wedding planner is there by your side with the ideas and suggestions about having your unique wedding in Dubrovnik, following your vision on how your wedding should look like and making it come true! :-)

We hope that this is helpful and that all of you are ready to start planning your wedding in Dubrovnik and that you are all excited about it! We certainly are!!!

We are ready guys! Are you? :-)

Love to all of you love birds from DLW team


Natasha Griffey

14.09.2022. 13:42

Wedding ceremony and reception venue 50 guests 25th June 2024 or 2024 

Daria Rojda

20.10.2020. 14:19

Hello, we would like to get a wedding ceremony without wedding reception. We are 6 or 10 people. Wedding ceremony in Dubrovnik with beautiful view that all. On 5 or 6 November  Do u think is possible  Best regards  Daria 

Kudzi Mukandi

07.05.2019. 21:18

Please ring me in 07715524168 Looking for wedding venues in Croatia August 2020 Thank you Kudzi

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