Our persian wedding for Farrah & Yadh



We are so happy that Farrah and Yadh have decided to marry in Dubrovnik and have their special 3 day event organized with Dubrovnik Luxury Weddings.
The first day, welcoming dinner at Klarisa restaurant was a warm up for what was to follow; Sponza palace ceremony followed by dinner reception at Lovrijenac fort.

From our first contact, which was less than a year before the wedding, we went full speed organizing a 3 day event in Dubrovnik for a party of 130 people, which is a respectable number when planning a destination wedding and especially a traditional Persian ceremony being the most important part of it.

Needless to say, we did not know much about Persian wedding traditions and we had to start from the scratch learning about different important parts of it, and believe me, there are many and most of them are connected to the Sofreh Aghd table, which is the center of the ceremony and full of symbolics . For example, the mirror reflects what is before it, so symbolically it brings the couple abundance and brightness in their future. The candles bring passion and energy.
The needle and thread symbolize the ritual of two people becoming one. Part of the Persian ceremony of gridding the sugar cones over the couple’s heads, to shower their life and marriage with sweetness.

While the ceremony is conducted, single women or female relatives of the couple hold a fine cloth, over the couple’s head. They alternate grinding the sugar cones over the bride and groom’s head, adding more sweetness to their life together. When the bride is asked by the officiant conducting the ceremony if she will marry the groom, she is not supposed to answer the first time. It is only when she is asked a third time if she will marry the groom, then she answers: ”Yes, with the permission of my parents and elders.” Everyone cheers and the sugar cones and cloth are placed back on the Sofreh.

Lovrijenac fortress is an exclusive wedding venue in Dubrovnik with a magnificent history and the venue Farrah and Yadh have chosen for their dinner reception.

The last day, was an all day event at Villa Seherzade, started off with a BBQ and ended with just chilling at different levels of villa property.

We are still in contact and now when they look back, they say that the best decision they have made is to have their wedding in Dubrovnik.




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